Robotic Breast Surgery By Neil Tanna, MD

Bringing breast surgery into the 21st century with innovative robotic mastectomy and robotic breast reconstruction

If you are a woman who is seeking preventative mastectomy or breast cancer surgery, you may not be aware that the option exists to perfectly preserve the nipples and breast mound, with a small scar far away from the breast. Thanks to Dr. Tanna’s extraordinary approach using robotics, the entire nipple areola complex can be spared, and the breasts can maintain their aesthetic beauty and femininity in the process.

Using robotic technology for nipple-sparing mastectomy is an entirely new and cutting edge science, first pioneered in Europe by a group of elite surgeons. Dr. Neil Tanna traveled to Europe to collaborate with these surgeons on this groundbreaking approach, and became the first surgeon to perform robotic nipple-sparing mastectomy with robotic breast reconsturction in North America in 2018. The robotic system affords the surgeon a degree of precision and accuracy hitherto unimaginable, and does so without leaving any visible scars on the breast.

Our Technology

Today, more than at any other time in history, patients are experiencing an unprecedented level of safety and successful outcomes, thanks to an ever-evolving technology. Working with robots, Dr. Tanna is able to utilize the smallest incision possible and place the almost invisible scar far away from the breast, near the armpit or the bra line. In addition to better aesthetics, by keeping the incision far away from the breast, blood supply is better preserved to the breast skin and the nipple. This reduces the risk of loss of the skin and/or nipple (tissue necrosis).

The multi-level magnification feature allows the surgeon to explore the body in depth, rather than rely solely on the naked eye, which has considerable limitations. In addition, the robot facilitates a far greater range of motion than the human wrist or hand is capable of, allowing the surgeon to access every part of the breast where cancer may be otherwise difficult to access.


In the News

Robotics Breast Surgery

Dr. Neil Tanna featured on ABC news for performing the 1st robotic nipple-sparing mastectomy with breast reconstruction in the United States.

Robotics Breast Surgery

Dr. Neil Tanna featured on CBS news for the innovative use of the robot in double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

Robotics Breast Surgery

Dr. Neil Tanna featured on FOX news for the groundbreaking robotic nipple-sparing mastectomy with breast reconstruction, first of its kind in North America.

Robotics Breast Surgery

Dr. Neil Tanna and colleagues perform ground breaking breast surgery: first of its kind in North America


Dr. Tanna is passionate about honoring the individuality and innate beauty in each of his patients. He is meticulous in his attention to even the most minor of details. His expertise lies in delivering long term results that appear natural. This fuels his passion to innovate as he is continuously striving to find better ways to do what is currently done. His approach is always collaborative, working in tandem with patients to achieve their goals in a safe, caring environment.

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Tanna’s unique approach to breast surgery using robotics, please contact our Long Island or New York City, NY offices today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Tanna is eager to share his knowledge, expertise and artistry with his patients in hopes that they will be able to achieve the outcomes they desire.

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